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Advanced Driver Assitant System

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Advanced Driver Assitant System

With the new ADAS system aiding drivers, dispatchers can rest assured that there is an extra measure to prevent accidents. This system will help drivers keep track of all obstacles ahead of them and give them warning before any accidents can happen. 

The system will keep track of the distance between cars and also alert when an obstacle appears in front of the vehicle. The ADAS system is designed to help drivers notice obstacles before it becomes too late. 




Forward Collision Warning

Alerts the driver before a rear-end collision occurs with the vehicle in front


Lane Departure Warning

Alerts the driver if the vehicle leaves the lane. This is to prevent if the driver doses off to sleep while driving


Headway Monitoring

Pedestrian Warning

Informs the the driver of the time in seconds to the vehicle in front. This ensures that the driver is not driving too close to the vehicle in front. 

Notifies the driver of a pedestrian or cyclist that enters the danger zone. This will help potential loss of life.

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