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MappointAsia Logistics Solutions got its start from MappointAsia (Thailand) Public Company Limited. We have accumulated over 20 years of experience and, have been providing our services to customers throughout Thailand.

Furthermore MappointAsia has been selected to be one of GPS suppliers for a major car manufacturer in Thailand. We support the customer in all areas including hardware, software, and technology development as well. In addition, we are official distributors of Meitrack in Thailand. Meitrack is one of China’s major GPS distributors and we have worked closely with them to be able to provide the best support to our customers as well.


We have always prided ourselves on the transparency of our business practices and policies. Along with maintaining a healthy, efficient, and productive working environment, we will continue to strive to better serve our customers.


Smart Fleet Solution

View vehicles in real-time, track all vehicles simultaneously, or track individual vehicles simultaneously. You can see the routes and also view the history of the vehicles with realtime GPS tracking.

Smart Fleet DVR

Today, Vehicle Tracking is recognized by the transportation sector, whether it is by car, rail, boat, etc. The Smartfleet DVR system can help to manage, track and transmit live footage to increase security. 

Fleet Optimization Software

SmartFleet Route Scheduling is a scheduling and routing software that can help the user calculate effective transportation schedules





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